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Causes Of Heart Surgery

Causes Of Heart Surgery

Heart Surgery is a common term that encompasses different kinds of operations. All these operations are dedicated to correct different abnormal conditions of the heart. These conditions mainly arise suddenly, and the need for a heart clinic nearby is high. You must check for all the nearest heart clinics near your place. If you search properly, you will find several Essex heart clinic. However, you need to know when you must consult their services. There are several causes of heart surgeries. Let us talk about a few of them.

Irregular heartbeat

Irregular heartbeat is a condition mainly experienced by older people. However, it can also result in children due to some congenital problems. If the heart rate is slower than the normal rate, the condition is called bradycardia. If the heart rate is faster than the normal rate, the condition is called tachycardia. The heart rate can also be irregular in some patients. For all these abnormal heartbeat conditions, it is essential to install a pacemaker or an ICD beneath the skin to control the heart rate. Whenever these machines encounter any irregularity in heart rate, it sends electrical impulses or shocks to the affected organs.

Blocked arteries or veins

Blocked arteries or veins are also often experienced in older ages. It occurs due to several problems- fat deposition, calcification, etc. There are multiple ways to correct such blocked conditions. For example, angiography and angioplasty can be performed to find the blocked region’s location and then guide a stent to the same region. The stent will open up the block and allow blood to pass freely. If the stent application is not possible, the surgeon can also take any healthy artery or vein from other body parts and use it to bypass the blocked artery. This surgery is known as CABG or bypass surgery.

Congenital or developmental heart defects

The patient can have some problems that they developed during their birth. These heart defects are called congenital heart defects. Developmental defects include an aberration during the development of the heart in the patient’s body. In most cases, these defects are overlooked and can be automatically corrected. However, some issues like Atrial septal defect or ventricular septal defect can be life-taking. In both these conditions, the patient develops a hole in the heart’s atrium or ventricle respectively. To correct these situations, the surgeon can use a catheter or a special patch to cover the hole. If the surgeon conducts the operation on babies, the babies have to undergo a special nutritional diet after the surgery to regain strength, immunity, and fitness.

There are several reasons why people undergo different heart surgeries. The diagnosis of the condition is the first step of the surgery. A proper diagnosis leads to correct treatment. To prepare for any such cardiac emergencies, you must consult all the heart clinics around you and make a list of those whose services you wish to avail.