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How Long Does A Sprained Wrist Take To Recover?

How Long Does A Sprained Wrist Take To Recover?

A wrist sprain is a most common yet painful injury that most sportsmen experience at least once in their life. Lack of balance is the primary reason behind such serious kinds of injuries. As one loses their balance they slip. And during this moment, they use their hands to have support. In this overall process, one may put the entire load in their hands and as a result, they end up hurting their hands badly. If any of our readers are going through such an injury and are curious to know about their recovery period then this article will be worth reading. Just give this a read. Remember one thing that your recovery depends on several factors, such as

Sign & Symptoms You Experience

There are some particular signs and symptoms that indicate you are going through a serious kind of sprain wrist injury and need to visit sports injury clinic Worthing to get it checked and confirmed. Here is the list of symptoms that give you the final confirmation.

  • The intense sensation of pain
  • Weakness
  • Feeling of exhausting
  • A burning sensation in the injured area
  • Lack of balance

If you experience these symptoms you can be sure that you are going through this super serious injury called sprained wrist.

Recovery Time

The recovery somehow depends on how intense the injury is. Also, X-rays and MRIs sometimes help you to see the actual condition of your injury. If they find any bone injury then it may take above 2 or 3 months to get completely recovered. Also sometimes people get lucky enough that their wrist starts getting into the normal stage after 48 hours of complete rest and care. If you are still curious to know about the exact recovery period we can give you a basic estimation. It may take around 10-12 weeks to get completely recovered. But even after this period, you need to take care of your wrist and follow some basic precautions in order to keep your wrist safe and healthy.

Care Instructions 

According to the sports injury clinic Worthing with the right care and proper treatment you can achieve complete healing within one month. Sounds crazy right? Well, it’s actually true. Here we are listing some care instructions that may help you to achieve that recovery stage soon and fast.

  • Apply some ice pack right after having the injury. It can lower the sensation of pain.
  • Hot compress can do a great job if done rightly.
  • Eat healthy foods that contain essential nutrients like calcium, vitamins and more.
  • Visit an injury specialist in order to receive the right treatment and medications.
  • Start practising some easy stretching after some weeks on the injury.

Thus to conclude, all these above-listed information helps you to have a proper idea about your recovery phase. We hope you recover soon and fast. Good luck.