Unique Ideas To Add More Storage In A Small Kitchen

Unique Ideas To Add More Storage In A Small Kitchen

With the increasing population, residential spaces are becoming smaller, especially in big urban cities. However, that does not mean people would not live their life to the fullest or not enjoy their favourite meals. When you have a small kitchen in a small home, one of the most challenging things you might have to deal with is the storage space.

 It is important to store your utensils and spices in the right places and in the proper way so that you can cook your family’s favourite meals without any interruptions. This article will discuss some ideas that would help you add more storage space to your compact kitchen on a budget.

  • Hooks– You can add hooks all over the kitchen walls and hang your utensils, aprons, chopping board, etc., on them.
  • Open Storage- If you do not have a dedicated pantry in your kitchen, nothing is to worry about. You can put the most used items in the open, but ensure to invest in suitable-looking containers.
  • Corners– You can make the most out of your compact kitchen space by adding vintage wooden crates on the corners. You can store jars and plants there easily.
  • Windowsills- If your kitchen window comes with a sill, do not miss the opportunity to use it as a space. You can put things like plants and cookbooks on it.
  • Cabinet Top- You would be using the kitchen cabinets as storage, but do not miss out on the top space. You might keep extra or less required pantry supplies in that area- something that you would not need frequently.
  • Backsplash- You can even turn your backsplash into storage. You can fix a rod there and hang small kitchen tools. Instead of drilling holes, you can also make use of command hooks for storing your kitchen’s favourite utensils.
  • Drawers Or Baskets- If you are lucky enough to have cabinets or pantry shelves in your small kitchen, then we would advise you to convert them into drawers. It might sometimes get hard to get things placed deep inside the shelves. If you do not have the budget for making drawers, invest in small baskets.
  • Fridge Top – You can make use of your fridge’s top space and use it as storage for different food items. Place everything properly so that they do not look dirty or messy.

These are some of the most efficient and budget-friendly ways of adding more space to your small kitchen. It is all about using dead space and efficient usage of the available space. You can go for foldable furniture to ensure enough space in your home, especially when you are not cooking or eating.